Local Shopping - Youghal

Local Shopping - Youghal

There are loads of different shops in Youghal. Here I have listed the ones we'd choose for a variety of different types of goods.


Is the place for the our main shopping. There are other supermarkets in Youghal, but none with the range at Tesco's.  

Next door to Tesco is Lidl. It has all of the expected bargains plus a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Sean Twomey
For the best meat we always go to Sean. He's one of a number of traditional butchers in the town.

Harringtons Bakery
For the freshest bread, speciality breads, cakes and scones and Birthday cakes made to order and to you own design.

If there is some piece of technology you need, or cable or gizmo, try Eddie. 

Flavins or EuroDiscount
For seasonal goods like beach toys, wetsuits, body boards, fishing gear

Postcards and Mementos
The local newsagents all sell postcards, but the best selection are the Tourist Office. And this is worth a visit anyway for the free Museum and other displays there.






  • Addresses
    • Tesco's Youghal
    • Lidl Youghal
    • Sean Twomey, Master Butcher, North Main Street, Youghal
    • Flavins hardware, Youghal
    • Le Gourmet, Youghal
    • Irwins, Youghal
    • Harringtons, Youghal
    • Youghal Tourist Office
  • Price
  • Driving time (mins)