Jameson - Midleton Distillery

Jameson - Midleton Distillery

Jameson was born and raised in Dublin, but eventually we outgrew our city home. In 1975, we moved our entire whiskey making operation to the green surroundings of Midleton, Co Cork. The fresh air has been good to us, but we can’t claim to be starting completely anew. The original buildings at the Midleton Distillery date back as far as the 1800s, and were used to mature Cork Distillery Whiskey (now known as Paddy Whiskey). Visitors come face to face with original kilns and pot stills from that time and explore warehouses that have matured whiskey for more than 2 centuries.

Without wood there is no whiskey. Sure there’s more to it than that, but casks play a vital role. Visitors to the Old Midleton Distillery are shown around our cooperage centre where they’ll learn about techniques and tools that have been making our casks for generations. If you see our Master Cooper Ger Buckley, be warned once he starts talking about casks, he takes some stopping. Patience is a virtue, and that sentiment is doubly true when it comes to whiskey making. The maturation process is something we are unashamedly particular about, and visitors will be able to walk amongst 1000s of casks which are temporarily housing our ageing whiskey. All guided tours take in the exterior and interior of our distillery grounds, and there is a choice of tour types available. The standard tour is a more than ample introduction to Irish whiskey, but for those who want to impress their mates, a visit to the Irish Whiskey Academy will certainly do the trick. Preparing for the Irish weather is a thankless task, but we recommend you dress according to the season and wear comfortable shoes as the tour usually lasts 1-2 hours. We'll put the kettle on.

Duration - 1.5 hours.
Adults €16.00
Adult (with 10% online discount) €14.40
Child (under 18) €8.00
Student with ID over 18 €13.00
Senior Citizens €13.00
Family (2 adults & 4 children under 18) €42.00
Group Rates for 15+ €13.00

"Midleton is the administrative centre of East Cork, midway between Youghal and Cork, hence the name. It's the home of Jameson, and whiskey lover or not (and I'm not) its a really good tour for the family. It's a facinating historic tour to see how they did (and still do) make whiskey from just two tastless ingredients - water and barley. At the end their is a taste off of Jameson, Scotch and Bourbon - for the adults of course! " - Martin



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