Templemichael and Molana Abbey

Templemichael and Molana Abbey


In 1183 Raymond le Gros established a Preceptory of Knights Templar at Rhincrew, an out post of which was TempleMichael. The keep was built specifically to control the river crossing. The now ruined Church of Ireland parish church dates from 1823 it was built with a grant from the Board of the First Fruits, and until about twenty years ago was used for worship. TempleMichael is open to the public during the spring and summer.


Molana Abbey

Founded in 501AD by Mael An Faidh (Mael the Prophet) who was one of seven sons to Cathal MacHugh, the King of Munster in the sixth century. Ruben of Dairinis recorded two hundred years of Church Law, the Collection Canonum Hibernensis before his death c. 725 AD. Later Raymond (le Gros) Fitzgerald, who had previously supported Dermot MacMurrough, the King of South Leinster to regain his throne, established the Augustinian Priory, the ruins of which remain today. Henry VIII dissolved the Abbey in 1538. By 1587 the Abbey formed part of the landholding of Sir Walter Raleigh, who let a part of it to his enlightened advisor Thomas Hariot. Hariot lived there for several years developing his scientific theories on navigation, optics and mathematics.

Molana Abbey; along with the Small Kitchen Garden and Pleasure Ground; will be open everyday from 28th May 2010 to 31st July, from 9.30AM until 4.00PM. The Abbey will continue to be open from Easter until the end of September on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9.30AM to 4.30PM. Parking is located at Templemichael


"Templemichael and Molana Abbey are sited on a beautiful bend of the River Blackwater, overlooked by the magnificent Ballynatray House. On a warm afternoon or evening take a picnic and just drink in the atmosphere, the serenity, the beauty" - Martin



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