Christmas at Clifton

Whole house
Up to 8 people
In either house
6 Beds
2Dble, 2Twin, 2Bunk
4 Bedrooms

Family XmasImagine waking up on Christmas morning. Lying still, you're listening out for the excited yelps from your children as they realise that today is THE day. But you can't hear them just yet. Instead you hear the waves lapping upon the beach below. Opening the curtains you survey the harbour in the growing morning light. The frosted hills in the distance tell you that its winter outside, but you're cossetted, warm and snug. You listen again and there is only silence. Everyone is sleeping, and the world is sleeping too. There's no traffic, or trains or planes, just peace. Is it just a dream? Or is this waking up to Christmas at Clifton?

Christmas is a magical time. Time to spend together with friends and family. At Christmas what could be better than leaving the city hordes and escaping to your own luxury seaside home. relaxing in comfort, space and style. It might seem like a world away, and yet Clifton is so easy to reach. On the main route across the south of Ireland, Youghal is well connected. And you don't need Santa's Sleigh to deliver you if you are travelling from abroad. We're just 30 minutes from Cork City with plenty of daily flights from the UK and Europe. Or you could sail across via Rosslare or Dublin. Wherever you set off from, Clifton is a great place to arrive and spend time together, creating magic and unforgettable memories.

Resort location
just across the road
Spectacular views
Rave Reviews

And don't forget we are on hand to help make your holiday sparkle. We'll arrange for a fresh Christmas tree and decorations ready for you to dress it together. We'll create an itinerary for you so that you get to see all the festivities and beauty of this area. We can even order your fresh turkey in advance and help you find those gifts and supplies you need. Celebrate in super style for families and groups. Mistletoe and wine optional.

This Christmas we've created an extra special offer. Your choice of 5 full days and nights rental for under €800. *That's less than €20 per person per night (based on 8 people sharing).

Xmas Offer - less than 20 Euros per person per day