Goat Island

Goat Island

Goat Island Beach is located roughly 5km west of Ardmore in County Waterford. The inlet where the beach is located faces south and is sheltered to the west side by the island itself. The beach can be found via a windy lane signposted for Goat Island.

This was known as the 'Secret Beach' when we first arrived. It took us a while to find it! Today its not so hard to find and not such a well kept secret; but still this beach is something special.

It's still hidden, and when you are on the next door beach at Whiting Bay you can't see it, nor is it signposted, and you can't get to it. You have to approach from Ardmore. There is a single sign saying 'beach' pointing along an old driveway, which used to lead to the spectacular Ardoginna House (McKenna's Castle) now in ruin. The driveway veers sharply right and follows the cliff-top seemingly going nowhere, but stick to it and pray you don't meet a car coming the other way. Eventually after passing a few small houses you'll reach a small car park.

Walk down the pathway and a few steps onto the beach. A high tide, the beach may be nothing more than a tiny cove. But as the tide recedes a magnificent bay opens up. Backed by cliffs with caves and rock pools. Golden sands, safe swimming, its simply fabulous! Best to time it and hour or so after high tide, as the beach is getting bigger and bigger. There are no facilities, no shops, so take a picnic. - Martin


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