Youghal Green Park Beach

Youghal Green Park Beach

"Green Park beach is visible directly opposite 3 and 4 Clifton. The beach is underwater on every high tide, but at lower stages of the tide the beach extensive. The beach itself is very flat and easy to access. Cross the road from 3 and 4 Clifton, onto the promenade. Turn left and walk to the entrance about 100 yards away. There are some very easily accessed rock-pools along the edge of the beach. At low tide you can walk South. The rocks and the pools grow larger as you get closer to the Lighthouse, and the 49 Steps area. This is a great beach for young children to play and explore. Paddling is also fun and safe. Swimming should only be done within your own depth and close to shore because of the river current further out."  - Martin

NB: Green Park Beach also has another Colloquial name - Green Hole. The reason is that, on occasion, given constant summer breezes and calm waters, seaweed accumulates here. In the olden days farmers and gardeners collected it and used it as fertiliser. Today we wait until the council move it on. You will know if there is weed there. At these times avoid Green Hole, safe in the knowledge that all the other beaches will be weed free.



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